Microbial Music is a project inspired by the Erasmus Bridge of Rotterdam, the designer’s passion for sound and the incredible work of Hoekemine. Through a process of research, trial and experimentation Microbial Music was born.

The unique coating is made up of organised colonies of bacterium working as a 2D crystal playing with the light. This is called Structural Colour. Hoekmine has a unique view on the genes and pathways that underlie structural colour. By fine tuning the genetics we can engineer new colours.

With this project, Designer Wilem Cousins bridges the gap between our world and the microbial world – working together by lending some artistic license to the bacteria.



The replicas are copied and made by the designer. Formed and crafted together himself, ensuring quality control. The bacterium are grown with the same guidance but ultimately the way the piece comes to life is up tot he bridge it’s self



The reshape concept involves the same process but from scratch. This project shape can be any architectural reference with the designers go-ahead. This process too will involve the harvesting of micro bacterium who will ultimately take over from the designer and finish their home as they see fit